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What's the difference between Free Forever, Free Trial & PRO Packages? How do they work?

Free Forever gives you limited features & 10 keywords and is basically free for life. Free Trial gives you unlimited features & 50 keywords for 14 days. After 14 days, you can choose to switch to Free Forever or any PRO package. Pro Packages give you unlimited features and you can choose from 50 to 1,000,000 keywords. Pricing starts from $14.99 a month.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime I want?

Yes, you can. More, we apply a pro-rated price deduction to your new plan whenever you upgrade or downgrade, so you end up paying only for what you've used. You can also export all your data & cancel your account anytime you wish.

I have a question that's not in this list. Help!

Help is near. Mail us anytime at and we'll reply soonest!

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